About Lily Dog Handcrafted

Lily Dog Handcrafted came about in Autumn 2016, we I decided my love for creating and restoring could be a job as well as a hobby. Why not do something you love and make money at the same time? Making something run down and useless into something beautiful and wanted is great.

As all pieces online are handmade, they can also be personalised at request, please send an email with your product SKU reference and we will see if arrangements can be made for you.



About Charlotte

I'm an average 21-year-old Yorkshire girl, with a love for creating, restoring and travelling. I'm from Wakefield, West Yorkshire and use my late Grandpa's workshop for my creations and up-cycling.

I have three pets, Lily (obviously), Alfie and Lola, a black and white cat and a ragdoll. They all have quirky personalities, much like me. I'm a huge animal lover.



About Lily

Lily is a 6/7-year-old Heinz 57 dog. I presume she is a Corgi crossbreed, with maybe a small German Shepherd or Border Collie. She has the big ears and fluffy bum of a corgi, but she has pointier ears and longer legs. We rescued Lily in 2012 from the RSCPA, and she has been a little ray of sunshine ever since.

She has a very quirky personality and is a lot smarter than she gives off. Her favourite thing to do is play fetch - but only with balls. Sticks she isn't bothered about, where as she is obsessed with playing ball. Lily can sometimes be temperamental with other dogs but as soon as you have her ball in hand, all focus is on that!



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