Restored! Dining Table

So my first restored item to sell will be a solid wood dinning table. I'm currently in the middle of the work so should hopefully be finished in a few weeks. It started off needing a lot of work, with the top having things stuck it and half varnished. So far I have sanded the table top down to the bare wood to get everything off.

I'm now on with sanding underneath and the legs which is not as easy as the top! After that I will be painting, I'm thinking white legs and a pastel shade for the top, or pastel legs and natural wood top, what do you think?


Update: It took me a while to decide, but I chose to go with a simple shade. The legs are now painted a grey shade, which will make it easier to fit in with it's new homes style!Now just to varnish the top!

Update: The top is now varnished and this wonderful dining table is now for sale. For more information and measurements click here.

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