So here's the woman behind the brand, Lily. She is my little baby - as soppy as it sounds - she really is. There's always a positive vibe from her and she knows how to make me smile. We usually go everywhere that we can together so it's only right to make her the face of the company.

Lily was rescued in 2012 from the RSPCA. So I am unsure of her age and breed. I presume she is around 6/7 years old and a corgi crossbreed. I mean, the short legs and bushy bum give the biggest hints for being a corgi. Although, she is a little taller and has pointier ears. I would say she is crossed with a small German Shepherd or Border Collie. If you see any other breeds in her, please let me know!

Lily has the quirkiest personality and has the perfect smile. Her favourite thing to do is play fetch - but only with balls. Sticks she isn't bothered about, whereas she is obsessed with playing ball. Lily can sometimes be temperamental with other dogs but as soon as you have her ball in hand, all focus is on that!

As Lily was rescued, I am unsure of her background. She is a human lover and great with kids all ages. But when it comes to dogs she can go either way. She is much like a moody woman, she doesn't like other dogs fussing her, very much prefers her own space. If I go walking with a friend and their dog, she will quite happily walk along as long as they don't get too giddy with her.

She is fine with cats and gets along with my ragdoll Lola. Although Alfie isn't too keen on Lily so he runs away. Which in turn Lily thinks is a game so she runs after him - not a good thing for Alfie.

To find out more about Me and Lily head to the about page. Keep up to date with our news and pictures on our Instagram, Lily Dog Handcrafted or Lily Dog Trails (for the more adventurous) or both if you're a true Lily fan.


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